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Here at Young & Associates Consulting Engineers, we take pride in providing a large selection of engineering services to meet the needs of our great customers. Listed below are all of our current services that we provide to our clients.

Do you need a service that is not listed below? CONTACT US about the services you are interested in, and one of our friendly staff members will contact you to discuss your project.

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Existing Building Renovation/Alteration Design

  • Building Renovations/Alterations
  • Building Additions
  • Change of Occupancy
  • Demolition

New Building Design

  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing/Warehouse/Storage/Service Buildings
  • Retail/Mercantile Buildings
  • Bank Buildings
  • Food Service Buildings
  • Student Housing Townhouse/Apartment Buildings
  • Recreation Buildings
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Auditorium/Assembly/Public Hall Buildings
  • Fire Company Buildings
  • Wood Post-Frame Buildings Design
  • Conventional Stud (Wood/Steel) Buildings Design
  • Pre-Engineered Steel and Conventional Steel Buildings Design
  • CMU Masonry Buildings Design
  • Concrete Buildings Design

Plumbing Design

  • Domestic Water Service
  • Sanitary Sewer Service

Building Permits and Compliance with Current Adopted Building Codes

  • Building Permit Applications and Coordination (New and Existing Buildings)
  • ComCheck Energy Code Analysis
  • Special Structural Inspections

Foundation and Footing Systems Design

We offer services for Foundation and Footing Systems Design: Shallow Foundation Systems, Deep Foundation Systems, Steel Building Pier, Footing and Foundations Design

  • Land Development Design

  • Site Grading and Features Design

  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design and Evaluation

  • Stormwater Design and Evaluation

  • Hydraulic Engineering, Analysis and Design

  • Water Management

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities

  • Water Treatment Facilities

  • Collection and Conveyance Systems

  • Wastewater Pump Stations

  • Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Studies

  • Operational Assistance with Municipal Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Municipal Sewage Facilities Planning

  • Water Distrubution and Storage Systems

  • Water Pump Stations

  • Esisting Water System Hydraulic Evaluation and Studies

  • Water Treatment System Feasibility Sudies and Planning Reports

  • Rules and Regulations for Wastwater Systems

  • Rules and Regulations for Water Systems

  • Roadway Design

Mechanical Systems (HVAC) Design

  • New Construction
  • Upgrades/Alterations
  • Practical, Efficient Code Compliant Solutions


Utilities Design and Coordination

  • Water Systems
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems (Public, Onlot Sandmounds, Small-Flow Treatment Facilities, Holding Tanks, etc.)
  • Gas
  • Electric/Power/Data/Telephone
  • Storm Systems

Electrical (Power & Lighting) Design

  • Power Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Service Sizing & Load Calculations

Building Material/Members
Analysis and Design

We offer services for Building Material/Members Analysis and Design: Wood, Steel, Concrete, CMU Masonry, Aluminum, Fiberglass, etc.


Our Permitting Services:

  • PADEP General Permits, NPDES Permits, E&S Control Permits, Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP’s), Zoning/Land Development, Sanitary Sewer, etc.
  • ESCGP-2 Permits, PADEP General Permits, Water Management/Allocation Permits, Highway Occupancy Permits (HOP’s), etc.
  • Permitting for Water Projects
  • Permitting for Wastewater Projects
  • Gas Well Site Design, Layout, Grading Plans, Etc.

  • Impoundment Site Design, Layout, Grading Plans, Etc.

  • Pipeline Site Design, Layout, Etc.

  • Compresssor Station Site Design, Layout, Grading Plans, Etc.

  • Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design

  • Structural Analysis, Assessment and Design of Existing and New Structures

  • Structural Inspections and Evaluation of Existing Structures

  • Building/Structure Loads Analysis

  • Retaining Wall Systems Design

  • Sign Structures

  • Residential Beam Design, Structural Inspections, Hud Certifications, Etc.

  • Project Bidding

  • Funding (Loan/Grant) Application Assistance

  • Prevailing Wage Projects

  • Shop Drawing Review/Submittals

  • Construction Administration

  • Site and Building Construction Cost Estimates

  • Project Evaluation ad Construction Cost Estimates

  • Funding Evaluation

  • Rate Studies and Evaluation

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